Restaurant Concept Plan



Details Subject to Change

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The Idea of the Chinese restaurant has stood very firmly and very stagnantly in the past 30 years. As a pseudo-Chinese cuisine based around western tastes and the limited skills and experience of the owners, this platform has provided very little innovation. In starting this fast food restaurant chain, I aim to take a new path of thinking and to address some key issues that currently lay unresolved.


Issue 1

Looking at 80s and 90s pictures of Chinese restaurants, aesthetically they don’t seem to have changed much at all. We want to bring in lots of light, big windows and minimalism into the space. The premises will be cleaned regularly. We want to conduct the customer through the store in a smart way in order to minimise congestion and to get the customer in and out as fast as possible.


Issue 2

Take away food holds notoriety for being of low standard and of being unhealthy. We want to hold a firm standard of: Organic, Non GMO, No Anti-bacteria, No Synthetic Hormones. The customers will also be able to see into the kitchen areas.


Issue 3

Chinese cuisine spans a far longer timeline and just as wide a landmass as European cuisine. To lump and squash all of this information and culture onto a single menu will end up making it so muddled and diluted. We aim to concentrate on 5-10 dishes in order to assure quality and consistency on all of our products.


Issue 4

I think that the speed of Chinese food is one of its main advantages. However, in the era of ever-growing convenience, fast food is getting faster and faster. We aim to use heated shelves to serve freshly pre-made food. The food also needs to be convenient. One thing about places like McDonalds is that you can eat with one hand and be on the phone with your other hand. We aim to introduce a frustration free package system where you should be able to eat standing up and without a table.



We want the first store to be a flagship. We want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Transport hubs and major shopping locations are ideal. To combat high rent, we aim for a small location. This would also be ideal for the grab and go setting we are aiming for. The clean branding, layout and mood of the restaurant building itself will reflect to the customer our aim of providing premium food in an informal setting.



Prices will be competitive with other fast restaurants in the area (Wasabi, YO! Sushi, Pret, Itsu). However, it is our strategy to give a perception of higher value than our competitors, through its environment, ingredients and branding. The portion sizes will also be smaller, pushing customers to buy multiple items.